Hardy Gully Nature Walk - Dandenong Ranges National Park

Hardy Gully Nature Walk, Kallista, Vic

Estimated time:
30 mins

Approx 1km


About this walk

The Dandenong Ranges has a wide range of things you can do and is only an hours drive from  Melbourne.

Dandenong Ranges National Park protects magnificent, towering Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) – the tallest flowering hardwood in the world. See them on the easiest track in the park – The Hardy Gully Nature Trail.

The trail passes through lush tree-fern gullies and if you are quiet you may hear the melodious Superb Lyrebird.

Start at Grants Picnic Ground and follow the signage. The Grants Picnic ground has a cafe and free BBQ areas. Cockatoos and Rosellas flock here for daily feeding and are a riot of colour.

For a Map of Dandenong Ranges National Park call into the Information Centre or download from Parks Vic online.

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  • Toilets
  • Cafe
  • Parking
  • Information centre

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  1. Colleen on 13 October 2012 at 13 October 2012

    The Cockatoos and Rosellas will land on you if you go to the designated area near the kiosk and get seed from the attendant (small fee). Some kids love the experience while these bold birds can be frightening to others. I recommend allowing your child to watch for a while so they can decide for themselves if they are ready for this experience. It can be confronting for adults. For the birds safety, visitors are asked to NOT bring seed from home.

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