Kananook Creek, Frankston

Vic – Frankston Foreshore Boardwalk and Pier

Estimated time:
1 hr

3km return


About this walk

Explore the Frankston Waterfront on the 3m wide, raised timber boardwalk designed to protect the vulnerable dune system.

There are gorgeous views of Port Phillip Bay and, if baby needs a break, plenty of places to stop for a play on the beach.

Park in the Kananook Creek Reserve and follow the creek to the Frankston Pier.

Walk along the pier to reveal  the 22 letter “secret message” on the pier flags. Continue along the boardwalk to the gravel track leading to the Jetty before returning the same way.

The Frankston board walk is lit from below at night.

Image courtesy of: By Adam Carr at English Wikipedia (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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