Dights Falls, Yarra Bend Park

Yarra Bend Park, Abbotsford, Vic

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About this walk

Yarra Bend Park is 4km from Melbournes CBD. It’s Melbournes largest natural bushland park and follows the Yarra river for approximately 12kms.  The park features the joining of the Merri Creek to the Yarra River.

There are plenty of places for picnics and BBQs and wide-open spaces for kids to run free.

There is a series of walks throughout Yarra Bend Park that are suitable for prams.

One Pram Walks user suggests

Start your walk on the north side of Kanes Footbridge near the former site of the Yarra Bend Lunatic asylum.

Follow the river to the viewing platform at Galatea Point. Continue past Deep Rock to the Koori gardens at the junction of the Yarra River and Merri Creek.

Cross the bridge over Merri Creek to see Dights Falls.

Return the same way or extend your walk to include the Westfield extension.”

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  • Toilets
  • Dogs ok
  • BBQ
  • Parking
  • Picnic table
  • Running